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A1000 Form Factor

The board is meant to be used inside the original, wonderful, A1000 case. No modification is required (please!). All external connectors are kept in their place, including the lateral 86 pin expansion.

The original A1000 power supply can be used and preferred. If you don’t like or don’t have the original supply, or it’s beyond repair, you can use any atx power supply which fits inside (many do). You CAN power on/off the atx power supply using the keyboard!

You need Amiga custom chips

You need good old amiga custom chips for perfect accuracy. You can use some of the original A1000 chips (paula and denise) but the original A1000 Agnus is not compatible as this board uses full 2MByte size of chip ram.

If you happen top have a 48 pin agnus, please don’t throw it. It’s the grandfather of an long lineage.

You need both original CIAs too.

Given the actual need of an 8375, perfect donors are (preferably corroded) A500 Pluses. You can throw the (usually corroded too) Gary. All Gary (and Gayle functions) are implemented in a CPLD.

You can put your A1200/A600 HardDrive (And your clockport expansions)

The usual 44 Pin Hard drive connector is there. It’s fully compatible with the orginal Gayle-based port so any kickstart 2.05 or newer will use it.

And our Gayle implementation allows for a clockport too! But its been enhanced for speed so clockport expansions can use better bandwidth (this is currently in testing)

You have a 32bit Amiga

The A1100 is a 32 Bit Amiga with a 68020 and full 32 bit addressing. It has 64 Mbyte of sdram with zero-waitstate access at 14 MHz and runs quite fast!

We know that this (very compatible with old software) CPU may not be enough to use high-end amiga software so we have included the SAME expansion bus in an A1200 for your existing accelerator to work. Currently tested working accelerators are:

  • Blizzard 1230 IV (68030 @ 50 MHz)
  • Blizzard 1260 (68060 @ 50 MHz) further testing in progress It works!
  • Individual Computers’ ACA1233n (68030@40MHz)

Use a standard VGA monitor

A full flicker-fixer is included onboard. It scandoubles all NTSC and PAL modes and mixes both frames of interlaced modes with zero-frame latency.

Use any kickstart

You can directly install any 16-bit (single rom chip) kickstart or flash an image of your existing one in std 8-bit ROMs (two chips). You can have up to three versions installed: One in original format (16-bit rom) and 2 versions in flash (jumper selectable).

Full specs recap:

  • 68020 (full 32 bit addressing) with 64MByte of fast-ram
  • ECS chipset (with denise options) with 2 MByte of chip-ram
  • All custom chips socketed. A500 style, in DIP format except for Fat Agnus in PLCC. User installable/replaceable.
  • Both 86 pin lateral expansion / 150 pin internal expansion (may not work at once)
  • Built-in (A600/1200 type) 44 pin IDE interface and “fast” clockport
  • Full flicker-fixed 31 KHz (15KHz selectable) video output (VGA connector)
  • Keyboard/Joystick/Mouse legacy ports as always
  • DB25 Female std parallel port
  • DB9 Female (can use an std converter to 25 pin) std serial port
  • 2x RCA / mini-jack audio outputs
  • 1x RCA color composite video output
  • Compatible both with original A1000 and ATX power supplies
  • No electrolytic caps!
  • Fits in your old A1000 case!!!