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Required Parts

What do you need to complete an a1100?

Some old components are not easily available, mostly custom chips from Commodore:


This is the 2MB Version. Supported part numbers are:

  • 390554-01 (PAL)
  • 390554-02 (NTSC)
  • 318069-10 (PAL) VBB note 1
  • 318069-11 (NTSC) VBB note 1
  • 318069-12 (PAL)
  • 318069-13 (NTSC)
  • 318069-14 (PAL) VBB note 2
  • 318069-15 (NTSC) VBB note 2

Donors are A500 Plus or A600. Some retailers have had them as NOS.

Other part numbers are not really 2MByte parts but replacement parts for older machines with 1MB of chip or different pinout (A3000) and are NOT compatible.

PAULA 8364

In DIP 48 format, of course. All revisions are known to work.

DENISE 8362 – OR – HR DENISE 8373

Both versions are compatible (in DIP48 format). Hires Denise (8373) really doesn’t make a difference in ECS Amigas having a flicker fixer.

2X CIA 8520

In DIP format too.

optional DB23 (female) connector

This is the connector where you plug an external disk drive or an external gotek. You can probably live without it but it fills the hole on the back of your A1000 so It’s nice for completeness. We are trying to source this connector, who knows…

MC68020RC/RP16 or faster

We have sourced a small amount of these but you can provide your own. RC/RP is the ceramic/plastic version with 32 bit address bus in PGA format.

It runs quite fast with the onboard fast-ram but you can omit the 020 completely if you provide an accelerator card on the 150 pin slot.


You need the 16 bit (single chip) version for A500/600/2000

  • 1.3 is NOT compatible 1.3 works perfect too!
  • 2.04 works but doesn’t boot from IDE (Gayle)
  • 2.05/3.x is OK, including 3.1.4


2 thoughts on “Required Parts

  1. HR Denise has a SuperHires mode. Will this work with the flicker fixer?

    How is the machine switched on and off with the keyboard? Can it be disabled?

    I think this project could be described with words like resurrection, reanimation and rebirth.

    Jarkko Lavinen says:
    1. Hi Jarkko,
      Superhires modes work only when they are not scan doubled. The scan doubler only activates in modes with horizontan frquency of 15KHz.
      So doublepal/doublentsc work ok (they pass-thru) but superhires modes in pal or ntsc are subsampled to hires (unless you manually disable the scan doubler)

      Miguel Fides says:

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